Introducing Socket.Finance


Socket Finance is an experiment in the DeFi world. It is a suite of decentralized finance (DeFi) products focused on creating a simple way to generate returns for our users. Future projects will involve Vaults, Swap, NFT, etc.

Socket Finance won’t be another fork, we will focus on developing products by ourself. Meanwhile your voices and requirements will decide our roadmap. Join us on Discord and Telegram for discussing.

To make you more clear on Socket.Finance. We list some directions that we will focus on in Socket.Finance. Just an introduction, not a roadmap.

🔄 Swap

Uniswap is a great experiment, it brings AMM into the DeFi world. We believe this is just the beginning. More and more Dex will appear with great functions in the future. Hence, we are researching some better algorithms to provide users the best experience. There are two potential directions. One is develop swap for specific assets, like curve finance is focusing on stable coins. Another one is focusing on liquidity and returns, like providing dynamic trading fee. We are still exploring more directions. Welcome to join us for discussing.

🏦 Vault

Vault is an indispensable piece in the Defi field. There are various products coming out every day, and the existing Vault may be more focused on prudent investment. We want to build a Vault, and the strategy will bring high profits to our users, but it also comes with high risks.


NFT integrates with DeFi is a really interesting area. We think there will be many interesting combinations between NFT and Defi. So we are exploring how to bring NFT into Socket.Finance and how to bring values to our stake holders via NFT.

💲Stable Coin

Stablecoin experiments are also meaningful. Defi also needs decentralized stablecoins. We are planning to investigate on existing stablecoin projects on the market to try to improve their algorithms and develop our own stablecoins.

⏩ Prediction market

According to Vitalik(co-founder of ethereum), the prediction market is still undervalued. Prediction markets are a potential market that has a lot of momentum. We want to involve the prediction market to bring more value to Socket.Finance users in the future.

💾 SFI Token metrics

SFI is the governance token of Socket.Finance. No Presale. No Premine. All tokens are distributed by yield farming. Join our community for launch date.

Contract: 0x1e15abf152067e9fe4a48bbf094a71f5bb16325d

Total Supply: 31,500


  • Reward 6,000 for WETH Pool (about 19.1%)
  • Reward 6,000 for SFI Pool (about 19.1%)
  • Reward 18,000 for ETH-SFI LP Pool (about 57.1%)
  • Reward 1,500 for development fund (about 4.7%). Linear vesting in one year ≈ 4.1 SFI / day.


There are 3 pools for staking and receiving SFI.

WETH Pool:

  • Stake WETH for SFI
  • Total reward: 6,000
  • First week: 3,000
  • Halving every week

Switch your ETH to WETH at here:

SFI Pool:

  • Stake SFI for SFI
  • Total reward: 6,000
  • First week: 3,000
  • Halving every week

Buy SFI on Uniswap: coming soon


  • Stake ETH-SFI LP token for SFI
  • Total reward: 18,000
  • First week: 9,000
  • Halving every week

Add liquidity for ETH-SFI on Uniswap: coming soon

💬 Welcome to join our community !