SOCKET: Liquidity Generation Event

Today, we are very glad to announce that you can attend SOCKET Liquidity Generation Event at !

SOCKET LGE supports ETH and SFI.

SOCKET Fixed Maximum Total Supply: 10,000

❓What’s SOCKET Coin?

❓What’s SOCKET LGE(Liquidity Generation Event)?

The SOCKET Liquidity Generation Event lasted 5 days(We may end it early if necessary), in which contributors were able to supply ETH and SFI to the LGE smart contract. After collecting ETH and SFI throughout the event. The smart contract used the 10,000 SOCKET and the total amount of ETH and SFI supplied throughout the event to create ETH/SOCKET and SFI/SOCKET Uniswap liquidity pool. The liquidity created through the LGE is locked up and the LP tokens given out can not be redeemed for their underlying assets. The LGE participants received Liquidity Pool tokens in return of their ETH and SFI contributed to the LGE. Each transfer of SOCKET is charged with a 1.5% fee, of which 93% goes to the staked LP tokens and 7% to the developer fund.

💬 Welcome to join our community !