📑 About SOCKET Coin

SOCKET coin will use a Deflationary Farming Mechanism with a fair launch. The fixed maximum total supply will be 10,000. No more tokens can be minted. SOCKET will have a 1.5% Fee on transfers (buy & sell on Uniswap), which means on every time there is a transfer, there is a tax of 1.5%. This fee will be distributed to all ETH-SOCKET and SFI-SOCKET LP token stakers, which makes farming without inflation possible.

📋 Liquidity Generation Event

Attend SOCKET LGE at: https://socket.finance/#/vaultslite

  • 100 ETH + 2,000 SOCKET to Uniswap for ETH-SOCKET pool

💬 Welcome to join our community !

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SocketFinance